Dick’s Last Resort Lake Buena Vista Now Serving Good Food and Good Times

When you hear the name Dick’s Last Resort your imagination is left to wander. If you are familiar with the brand then you know you can expect a great time full of laughs and smiles, and a belly full of great food too! Dick’s Last Resort is now open in Lake Buena Vista and they are ready to serve you!

While the Lake Buena Vista establishment is the first Central Florida location, Dick’s Last Resort has locations throughout the country. However, they’re not some massive brand with thousands of locations that has lost touch of who they really are as they become mass produced. Instead there are currently 13 locations nationwide and while they are expanding, they are staying true to what makes them great.

I was invited to check out the Grand Opening thanks to Orlando Informer. Let’s see what Dick’s is all about.

dicks last resort orlando

2 porch dicks last resort orlando lake buena vista

Read my full review here: http://www.orlandoinformer.com/2014/dicks-last-resort-lake-buena-vista-review-photo-gallery/


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