Dripping with Artistry: Orlando’s Newest Live Show “DRIP”

We knew it would be different. We knew it would be artistic. Admittedly, we were a little anxious. Husband and I sometimes have a difficult time straying from our norm. After spending the evening at “DRIP“, I am so glad we opened our minds and ventured out to experience something new.

Pure and simple, DRIP is a new live show in Orlando. Tucked in a somewhat hidden entrance along Orlando’s well known tourist strip, International Drive (known as I-Drive), DRIP is a much needed artistic experience. The entire audience felt cool, exclusive, and privileged as if we had all received an preferential invitation to a live art exhibit in some grungy New York City hangout.


After navigating the parking lot (be sure to study DRIP’s parking map as it can be a little tricky) we decided to pop into Senor Frogs for a round and some nibbles. Yeah, yeah… here I am writing about exclusivity and artistry when I actually visit Senor Frogs beforehand. DRIP is tucked behind Senor Frogs and Denny’s along I-Drive. In the middle of this hustling and bustling tourist strip, DRIP creeps in the shadows waiting for the privileged, intelligent few who know about it.

things to do in orlando

The entrance is a well lit, well marked loading dock. Guests are greeted at the door by signage explaining the small risks of attending the show: getting wet, getting a little messy, and experiencing loud music and strobe lights… what’s not to love? White t-shirts are sold for the silly few who do not dress accordingly. The key is to dress down and be ready to get wet and possibly get a little paint on you.


Now see this is usually when I hear people say “oohhhhh so it’s like Blue Man Group.” It happens whenever I mention the paint. Really though, in my opinion it’s not. Sure the music is by the same composer, and sure there is paint, water, and loud music, but DRIP is intimate, gritty, and personal. Without giving too much away, there is a story, in fact, it is a story that if you are perceptive enough is weaved throughout the evening, even before the show begins.


Doors opens at 7:30pm with the show starting right around 8pm. There is a wonderfully dark, dimly lit pre-show bar area just perfect for socializing and really adds so much to the experience. In fact, if you do not get there around 7:30pm and enjoy a pre-show beverage or two then you are selling yourself, and DRIP short. We had a blast drinking colored beer and finding out from the bartenders what each color beer says about a person.


orlando bars

While waiting for the show to begin, guests can get painted on or paint themselves. It is all part of the fun. Though, if you choose not to partake in the paint, you will still get wet during the show, but not necessary get too much paint on you. Getting messy is all part of the experience. The stage is right there, in your face. It is general admission and with the live music it feels like being at a rock concert of some up and coming band. Although there is no audience participation, everybody becomes part of the show. It is literally in your face, and in a good way.

paint 2

Our view was straight on facing the stage with the live band. This put us at the stage “entrance” which was quite the experience. Generally speaking, the bulk of the audience is flanked along the sides and that probably offers a little better vantage point than where we were. I do not want to give away too much about the show because there is so much value in the “wow” moments of surprise. I will admit that prior to seeing the show I did not know what to expect and I was a little scared. There was no reason to be. Nothing scary or unsettling happens. It is a show full of passion, artistry, creativity and is a story to which practically all of us can relate.


Husband and I were most impressed with the people. The cast, the staff, everybody involved is proud of their show,… as they should be. Every one is welcoming and friendly; they want you to have a fantastic time. After the show we enjoyed taking pictures with the talented cast and chatting with them too. I had a great conversation with two of the stars of the show, Jessie Sander and Bridgett Frias. They are both very talented and bring strong emotion to their characters. As we drove home we could not stop talking about it. To have a live show, just for adults in the middle of the attractions area in Orlando is a much needed addition. Whether you are a local or a visitor, if you want to experience live art, live music, talented dancers, and a break from the norm then this is your show.


To my delight, husband said he wants to go see it again! I think this show would make a great date night, girls night out, friends gathering, or even an unexpected, unique event for groups and conventioneers. I hope you will check it out for yourself and support the arts in Orlando.


Check out DRIP on Twitter and Facebook.

Be sure to buy your tickets in advance as the audience is limited to 100 people.

Be sure to study the parking map and give yourself plenty of time to deal with the I-Drive congestion, find a parking spot, and get there in time to enjoy the pre-show bar experience.

Dress down, you will get messy.

Most of all, let go and have a blast!


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