Nobility has a name: Casey Noble at Epcot


The heat and the humidity pressed against us.  A pleasant morning of exploring the Epcot Food and Wine Festival gave way to an oppressive, heat-filled afternoon.  Off to the Chase Cardholders Lounge we went.  Although the soda machine was out of order, the water we craved, the seating our feet needed, and the charging stations our phones begged for proved to be a Godsend.

As we exited the lounge, I decided to indulge in a “drinking chocolate” from the Ghirardelli shop inside the Festival Center.  Although I have seen the drinking chocolate at the regular Ghirardelli Soda Fountain at Downtown Disney, there’s just something about experimenting at the Food and Wine Festival.  Decadent and delicious, it was not the best choice on such a hot day.

While taking my first sip I heard the voice of my husband, “who the heck is Casey Noble?… Oh HGTV well we don’t watch HGTV so…..”. As I turned my head in his direction I saw a bright, bubbly blonde rest her head on the table, right next to the Casey Noble sign.  She grinned.  My husband was caught off guard and then realized, THIS is Casey Noble.  I could not hide my embarrassment. Thankfully, Casey was true to her name,… noble.  My husband and mother asked about her career and her show, Casey kindly shared.  She welcomed us to her table and graciously answered our questions.

When I explained that my husband and I are in the hotel industry, Casey’s eyes lit up.  She shared some exciting news about the next step in her career and explained that hotel design is where she really got her start.  I am not certain if it has been announced what is next in her career, so just in case, I won’t divulge. She kindly gave me her autograph signing it “I {heart} hotels x Casey” and kindly took a group photo with us.

Two hours later, I am still in awe of her kindness.  She sweetly accepted my business card for thisFloridalife, so Casey if you happen to be reading this,…. thank you.  You are very sweet and I am so glad that we stumbled upon your meet & greet.  You have made four new fans out of myself and my family, we will certainly spread the word.  We look forward to watching your continued success, we know your career will continue to be amazing and impressive!



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