Steppin’ Out for Dapper Day at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

It began to spread like wildfire.  Orlando Sentinel carried an article about it and shortly thereafter Disney fans, Orlando visitors, and Florida residents latched onto the idea.  Dapper Day practically went viral.  The moment I heard about it I knew I had to go.  I blogged about it, asked my bestest Disney pal if she wanted to go, and soon we had a small group formed.

Getting ready to hit the town!

Dapper Day is not an official Disney event and therefore there was no official schedule for the evening other than to enjoy Disney’s Hollywood Studios from 4-8pm, then head over to the Boardwalk Resort to enjoy the lounges and clubs there.

Cheers to Dapper Day

Groups of friends got all dolled up, some resembling the swing era, others going for more of modern hipster vibe.  Everyone became a novice member of the paparazzi, as we all just had to fill our cameras and phones of fun pics of being dressed so dapper in a Disney park.


It did not take long for small groups to join up and become larger Dapper mobs.  As we came across other Dapper groups we kindly greeted each other with “Happy Dapper Day” or “Lookin’ good Dapper people!”, and the like.  There was a Dapper baby (who quickly became the unofficial mascot of the festivities) and even a Dapper Manager.

#dapperbaby 🙂
#dappermanager 🙂

Disney’s Hollywood Studios is my least favorite Disney park, but Dapper Day certainly put it in a whole new light.  I had a blast and am very thankful to the creators of Dapper Day and to my bestest Disney pal for joining me and gathering together such a fun group of people.  The next Dapper Day is February 24th, which is far too long away.

Enjoy the rest of the photos…

Gorgeously Dapper group (thanks Kristen for sharing this photo!) And there’s #dapperbaby 🙂
Our dress is so cute we had to wear it twice



15 thoughts on “Steppin’ Out for Dapper Day at Disney’s Hollywood Studios”

  1. Oh gosh, this is a great event on both posts – and something that needs to grow in size and frequency. I hope to attend one someday myself!

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