Florida Life

The Best Damn Race that wasn’t

I had been looking forward to this morning for months. I registered for Best Damn Race Orlando when I was still pregnant. Sure, I could do a 5K just nine weeks after giving birth, no problem. And my husband registered for the 10K. Sure, we could manage bringing the baby to downtown Orlando at 6:00 AM, then I’ll breast pump in the car, then husband will run 10K, then I’ll hand him the baby, then I’ll run the 5K, and finally pump again in the car on the way home. Realistic plan, right?

Obviously not. But I’d never run a Best Damn Race before. And the medal is gorgeous this year, perfect for an Orlando lover like me. It is chock full of beloved Orlando icons from the downtown Orlando skyline to icons of the theme parks. I had to have it.

The day before the race I was so excited. I work in downtown Orlando and was able to walk down to Lake Eola Park for the packet pick up. On my way there I took in the sights of The City Beautiful on such a gorgeous March day. Once inside the park, I let out a little sigh. People were gathered and talking about the race, taking selfies galore. I saw visitors who had come in specifically for the race. I imagined being gathered there with my husband and my baby as we celebrated our success together.

Flash forward to this morning. Our baby is a little ill and needs a little extra love. So we made the decision for my husband to go run the 10K while I stayed home with the baby. Yes, it is disappointing that I didn’t get to participate and I won’t have a beautiful medal to call my own.

My husband had a great time at the 10K and brought home his own medal. We decided we would share it together since I didn’t get to go, staying home which enabled him to go run while I took care of the baby. I sit here now gazing at my unused bib. I’m grateful that at least the bib and t-shirt display the beautiful Orlando icons.

I didn’t get to run but I did get to participate in some small way and at least I know next year will be much better, we can do it together as a family. This will be just one of many adventures we will have together as This Florida Family.


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