The best way to experience STK Orlando

Disney Springs is alive with fantastic shopping and incredible dining. Just a stroll through The Landing section is enough to make anyone’s mouth water. Welcoming guests at the edge of The Landing, STK Orlando stands proud, ready to provide a modern, contemporary steak house experience. With modern decor, lounge like lighting and music, and a few clever innuendos, this is not your grand pappy’s steak house.


MHowever, many potential guests like me, may have some apprehensions toward dining in ultra lounge setting with a DJ spinning dance music while dining on sumptuous steak or seafood. I’ve also encountered some concerns with the prices. While I can argue that the cost is worth the quality, I can also share that this is an alternate way to experience STK Orlando… Lunch.

STK Orlando hosted a large group of Central Florida bloggers so we could sample the highlights of their lunch menu, and purchase a signature cocktail or two if we so choose. Here are the highlights.


STK Orlando’s cocktail list is irresistible, and it’s about to get even better with a revamp coming very soon. The selection of specialty cocktails that will remain on the new cocktail list include Orlando Pride, Not Your Daddy’s Manhattan, Cucumber Stiletto, and Strawberry Shortcake.


Orlando Pride is very popular, fans of raspberry will be very pleased with this cocktail. Originally this cocktail came about as a fundraiser for the One Orlando Fund, it remains on the menu despite the fundraiser having come to an end.

I indulged in the Not Your Daddy’s Manhattan because quite frankly, I have a hard time saying now to Bulleit Rye and luxardo cherries. Manhattans are traditionally strong drinks and this one is no exception. There is a comparable Manhattan found on the menu of all WDW Resort hotel lounges, though Disney’s version provides three cherries in its garnish, vs. STK Orlando’s single cherry.


Each cocktail is $15.00 on the new menu, which is about 15% higher than WDW owned and operated lounges and about on par to 5% higher than comparable establishments within Disney Springs.

A major highlight of the new, upcoming cocktail menu is the adult juice boxes. Sadly, these cutely named juice based cocktails will not be served in an actual juice box container, but they will be a combination of freshly pressed juices and liquor.

Appetizers / Salads

First up, the Heirloom Tomato and Watermelon Salad ($15.00) is a very refreshing and light salad. The highlight here is the red chile-honey dressing and the dried jack cheese. The dressing brings a nice kick without a lingering heat, and the rich jack cheese is just enough to add a little weight to the dish.


The winner of this course, and perhaps of my entire experience at STK Orlando, is the Shaved Brussels Sprouts ($15.00). This salad is the perfect transition into Fall with rich flavors and a balanced mix of apple, cranberry and my favorite cheese there is: aged goat cheese. A few marcona almonds top it all off. I would return for lunch just for this salad.

Another highlight, the Little BRGs, are a great way to indulge in some heavy, savory steak house flavors, but in a smaller package. These sliders are as good as they look. Juicy, tender wagyu beef is topped with melted cheese, special sauce, caramelized onions, and juicy tomato inside a sesame seed bun. The price is a bit hefty at $19.00 for two sliders, but the flavor and tenderness is pretty close to worth it.




During our special lunch we were able to choose from three entrees: the Crispy Mahi Mahi sandwich, STK Salad, or a 6 oz steak filet. There were very positive remarks about the quality of the steak medallion ($36.00). STK Orlando has been open for a few months now and I’ve yet to see one complaint about the quality of their steak.

The Crispy Mahi Mahi Sandwich (pickled slaw, chili remoulade, potato bun – $18.00) was also well received. I, however, decided the STK Salad would give me a chance to try some red meat, but in a lighter fashion.


What is interesting about the STK Salad ($24.00) is that Asian flavors prevail thanks to the Asian greens, pickled mango, and peanuts. But the sliced skirt steak has a Latin base, having been marinated in chimichurri sauce. It is a quality salad, but a flavor combination I am not accustomed to. Still, it’s a great choice on a warm Florida day.


Since there are some lighter options on the lunch menu, it makes perfect sense that you indulge in some incredible desserts. We sampled the Caramelito Bar, Bag O’ Donuts, and the Orange Dream Cheesecake.


I highly recommend the Caramelito Bar and the Orange Dream Cheesecake. First, the cheesecake is rich and luxurious topped with bruleed oranges and whipped cream. Second, the Caramelito Bar is something I’ve had food daydreams about ever since this special lunch. I am not a chocolate fanatic, but my word. Layers of chocolate are each distinct enough to make this an incredible indulgence without being too much of the same flavor. I especially loved the cocoa nib marshmallow and chocolate Bavarian creams. All deserts are $10.00.


The full lunch menu is pictured about and can be viewed here.

If you’re curious about dinner, check out this thorough dinner review from TouringPlans.com (a website I am proud to write for regularly).

Dinner may be a bit too rich for me, I’d gladly return to enjoy lunch at STK Orlando. It’s a great way to enjoy this special dining experience without going… all the way.



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