A poem for Orlando 

I’d like to share with you a moving, emotion fueled poem written by a dear family member, Pam Hill. It is perhaps a little raw, but I found the passion behind her words to help me down the path of healing. We’ve had one hell of a week, Orlando.



Scream Now Orlando

The silence is deafening, yet a mother’s cry audible

“I haven’t heard, I need to hear” – her despair palatable

Cruel request for patience necessary

Hope, the common thread about to unravel

We know her, we feel her pain – It is our own

Her face distorted as her heart breaks

From knowing and disbelief

The text read by a confused heart

Clearly a soulmate calling out

“Mommy I love you”

And there it ends


Scream Now… it’s okay.

We will hear you.

We will hold you and heal you.

We are not afraid.


A massive train cuts a path through our home

Its lonesome whistle echoing

Lake water amplifying the violence

Riders aware of our suffering

Innocence and pixie dust the attraction

Headed to the happiest place on Earth

Recently declared a war zone

Mother’s plea following

Pray God no, no no, not on that list



Scream Now! … its okay

We will help you!

We will catch you and care for you!

We are not afraid.


Doubt once again settles on a young city

Harsh reality in a community famous for Fantasyland

Workers sharing the sweetness of life

Opening their happy hearts to weary travelers

Now must accept care in return

As they, we, I am weary

The city lights darkened by hate yet fueled by love

Hushed by doubt, “not the city beautiful”

There is numbness in the air

The orange blossoms overshadowed

Eclipsed by the scent of anguish ….

Love breaks the silence

Love stops the violence

Love penetrates the numbness

Love is the way!!


Scream Now… its okay!

We will care for you and love you!!

We are not afraid.


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