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My Florida travel list for 2016

Our lives are ever changing, and I am going through the biggest change of my life. To help with this challenging time I made a list of Florida destinations and activities that I want to be sure to visit in 2016. I started ThisFloridaLife as a means for me to explore my homestate.

We often long to visit far away places and over look the treasures that are nearby. This year I renew that focus, to see more of the place I’ve called home my entire life and share ThisFloridaLife with you.


So to keep me on task, and in hopes of inspiring you to venture out and explore Florida, here is my list of Florida destinations and restaurants I want to visit in 2016:

There you have it, my Florida travel list for 2016. Of course there’ll be plenty of visits to the theme parks and other favorite spots of mine. What’s on your list? Let me know in the comments.

Make sure your keeping up with ThisFloridaLife on Twitter and Instagram.



2 thoughts on “My Florida travel list for 2016”

  1. Ok so I you want. You can tag along with your old farts and we can arrange to go to Amelia a Island post haste

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