Holidays 2015 at Universal Orlando have begun! (OrlandoInformer.com)

Christmas time is here and now the holidays at Universal Orlando have finally begun. Orlando is absolutely incredible this time of year; each theme park gets into the action in their own special way.  Universal Orlando’s holiday celebration is very special and unique, offering holiday cheer in a way that only Universal can. Though these festivities are always the last to start each year, (typically they start the first weekend in December), the level of excitement and joy makes the wait worthwhile.


 I am back at Orlando Informer! I will continue to contribution to TouringPlans.com and also contribute to OrlandoInformer.com on a regular basis. I was invited to cover the kick off of the holidays at Universal for Orlando Informer, here are all the highlights of this year’s offerings as well as some behind the scenes treats!

Holidays 2015 at Universal Orlando have begun!



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