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Which do you choose Disney or Universal?

There is a sign, on a toll road, that is among my favorite signs in all of Orlando. Yes, I have a favorite sign; when you love your hometown as much as I do you’re bound to have an odd affinity for way too many things. This sign represents a strong symbolism for Orlando visitors and residents alike.

Choose Wisely!

10257813_10204714042983370_4056772762083285256_nPictured above is the aforementioned sign. The one that I can’t help but smile at whenever I pass it. It is located on Toll Road 528 heading north towards I-4, just after International Drive. In fact, in another wonderful twist of symbolism it is practically perpendicular to SeaWorld.

I’ve snapped a quick pic of this sign before, but the one above was taken after a blissful morning and afternoon at SeaWorld on our way to Universal Orlando. You see, for me I cannot pick sides. I love all of Orlando. All of it. Every single theme park, water park, smaller attractions, cultural venues, the local cafes,… just all of it. I am not pro-Disney, pro-Universal, or pro-SeaWorld… I am pro-Orlando. And the reason I bring this up is twofold. First, I wasn’t always that way. For quite a while I was VERY loyal to Disney. I am glad that I wisened up and expanded my horizons. I’d be missing out on so much.

The other reason I bring this up is I made this photo my cover photo on Facebook and it was then shared by the great folks at Orlando Attractions Magazine. The amount of comments and likes is pretty astounding to me. While the volume of interaction is pretty impressive, it’s the comments that prove just how passionate and divided Orlando fans can be.

As of 3/11/2015: 1,000 likes and over 400 comments. The battle continues...
As of 3/11/2015: 1,000 likes and over 400 comments. The battle continues…

This is not an old debate, and I suspect a debate that will continue on through the ages. It is one of the defining characteristics of this great destination. Orlando fans are very passionate and there’s only so many vacation or leisure dollars to go around. I feel very fortunate that I don’t have to choose and can enjoy it all. Just another day in ThisFloridaLife!

So which do you pick?


7 thoughts on “Which do you choose Disney or Universal?”

  1. Ooooh I don’t know which one I would pick! I think probably Disney World but Universal has Harry Potter….ahh! Does Universal Orlando have a Back to the Future ride like Hollywood does? That used to be my favourite!

  2. Neither – I’d spend my time at the SeaWorld resort!

    Although out of those two, I’d definitely pick Disney World.

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