Cheers and Happy 15th Anniversary to Orlando’s Margaritaville

Happy 16th Anniversary to Orlando Margaritaville Cafe! Couldn’t have said it better than how I did last year…

Today marks 15 years since Jimmy Buffett proudly planted his pirate flag at Universal Orlando and declared CityWalk home to Margaritaville. Over the years this place has become my second home, as welcome a sight as an empty chair under a shady palm tree. It would be remiss of me if I did not raise a glass and toast my favorite “beach” bar.

Margaritaville Logo

From the exciting, erupting volcano bar to the laid back, sun worshippers’ paradise of the Lone Palm Airport, the Orlando Margaritaville Cafe is among the largest in all the world. There are multiple places to post up and party down. One might argue that to truly appreciate that margarita mecca you must be a Parrothead (an ultimate Jimmy Buffett fan). But I am proof that this is not the case.

5 O'Clock Somewhere. Perfect Margarita . LandShark . Credit - Michael St John Photo Courtesy of Margaritaville

I started visiting the Margaritaville Cafe in Orlando about eight years ago. Once…

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