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The One Thing I Learned from my visit to New York City

Bright lights. Big names. Dreams and hopes. Crowds. Traffic. I have visited New York City before, but something was different about this trip, and I learned a very important lesson.

rockin tree

I am a Florida girl, through and through.

Visiting New York City in the peak of the holiday season is unforgettable. Taking my stepson and husband for their very first trip to the Big Apple, plus with my parents, and add a dash of snow….. it is pure magic! Nothing can compare to strolling through snow-covered Central Park, or cuddling up with my hubby on a horse-drawn carriage. The bright lights and talent of Broadway are sensational. But, while I reveled in the nonstop energy of the City, pushing myself to enjoy the novelty of the brisk Winter weather, my heart soon longed for home.



The warmth. The sunshine. Lush landscaped expanses. Palm trees. Theme parks. Natural Beauty. Orlando, and Florida, my lifelong home beckoned.

You know, as a hotelier, I jokingly say that for a guest to find the perfect hotel, the one that they love, is like finding a spouse. You go on date after date, checking in and checking out, and then you find the one that fits all your needs. So, I suppose finding your spouse is like finding your home. That being the case, what is finding your home like? I say it is like finding your heart.

My loved ones were by my side. We made fantastic memories that will last my lifetime. I spent quality time with my stepson, my parents, and a family friend when the cold was too much for my husband and his pursuing sinus infection. I indulged in delectable dining, got to see “Saving Mr. Banks” a week before general release (very well-done film and will probably see it again). I spent more money than I probably should have, but it was all worth it. And it was all brought to a beautiful finale as snow fell the minute we woke up and looked out of 40th floor hotel window on our day of departure.

saving mr banks

snow trees

New York City, you are one of heck of destination, one that I think every American should visit at least once, but Orlando, you are home sweet home to me.


6 thoughts on “The One Thing I Learned from my visit to New York City”

  1. You make me so homesick for Florida! You have such beautiful writing, and as one girl who has checked in and our of a few hotels in my day, I had to laugh as you compared it to finding a spouse! A connection I’d never made before, but it makes perfect sense! Hahahaha I won’t be able to look at my boyfriend the same ever again! Just kidding, he’s pretty special, just like home. 🙂

  2. Same here with me. I am from Switzerland and I don’t know if you’ve ever been there but almost everything is small. Our capital Bern is not the most famous city here, but Zurich also has about 2 million people. My dream was to visit the cosmopolitan NYC and I saved and saved and went there. I enjoyed my time there, it was once in a lifetime experience, but I am a man from the Alps.

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