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Extreme Fun with World Xtreme Wrestling

Last night I wanted to do something completely different, something out of my norm,… something “xtreme”. Thus I journeyed to the hilly roads of Clermont / Minneola. The World Xtreme Wrestling group puts on monthly matches and draws quite a crowd. Wrestlers from all over the country with varied stories and backgrounds come together to risk their bodies for the delight of the audience and for the love of the sport.

WXW fly

The usual venue of choice for WXW is the Minneola Recreation Center, which is part of the Minneola City Hall complex. This rec center becomes packed with enthusiastic fans, and to my surprise and delight, made mostly of families. Kids cheered for their heroes and booed with disdain for the “heels” or villains. In fact, the audience is really what made the night for me. I delighted in watching the fans get into the story lines and gimmicks.

The wrestlers of WXW are dedicated to their craft. They get into their characters and passionately devote themselves to putting on a good match. Yes, there are storylines and somewhat corny rivalries, but I willingly let myself go and soon found myself cheering for Ace, Kimberly, Big O, and Nick Nero.

world xtreme wrestling kimberly

Even more entertaining is the sheer athleticism of each and every wrestler. Bodies slammed against the mat resulting in a thunder clap filling the venue. The sharp sound of skin being slapped cut through the air. Yes, the moves are choreographed, but it takes true strength and skill to pull off the impressive stunts.

All in all, it was a great way to spend the evening. Among enthusiastic fans, families spending time together laughing and cheering, and even a few legends of the sport, I thoroughly enjoyed myself. WXW has matches every month, be sure to check their website for the schedule of events.


(Disclaimer: The pictures I took are not the greatest, my apologies 😦 )


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