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Seeing the Sights of Sanford Florida

The county seat of Seminole County is one of the most historical places within Central Florida. It is also one of the most storied. And lately it has been the scene of a full blown media circus; I’m sure there’s no need for me to mention why. So when I found myself having to make a trip to this riverfront city, I decided I would make a morning of it.

IMG_20130706_100314-1 I went for a drive. Something I had not done in ages. Blue Jean Baby and I cruised the streets of Sanford, Florida. Starting off with my favorite way to drive into this city, US 17-92 along the shores of the S.t Johns River. As I passed the Central Florida Zoo, the sapphire waters of the St. Johns sparkled in the morning sun to my left, the sounds of Blue Jean’s radio added to the delight.

As I made the final bend around 17-92 and headed up 1st Street, I made my way into the residential areas. Countless charming neighborhoods can be found in Sanford, Florida. Homes that are full of character, some at least a hundred years old, line the streets, sitting beneath a canopy of southern moss covered oak trees. Unlike the neighborhoods that are now being built around the country, shoe boxes stacked tightly next to each other, no personality, each one exactly the same as the one it is squeezed next to… these historical homes are completely unique.


I drove up to a site that will forever hold a special place in my heart: the Bettye D Smith Cultural Arts Center. It is where I married my husband in a short, intimate ceremony that was absolutely perfect for us. As I pulled up to this lovely little building, I paused and gazed at the Higgins House, a bed and breakfast just across the street. The night before the wedding I spent the night at the Higgins House with my parents. What a perfect way to spend the night before the wedding, falling asleep, gazing upon my wedding venue. Our hosts were warm and friendly, I would certainly recommend staying at the Higgins House to anyone.


photo (7)

After enjoying my drive around the neighborhood, I made my way to the water. As I drove along Seminole Blvd the beautiful vista of Palm Island Marina made me long to be a boat owner, I wished for “If I had a boat” to play right on queue on Radio Margaritaville. I continued to Fort Mellon Park, one of Seminole County’s best family parks. A splash pad and multiple playgrounds welcomed families enjoying the weekend. Many of the picnic pavilions were playing host to birthday parties and other gatherings. What a view this park has, overlooking the St. Johns River.

photo (6)


IMG_20130706_102652I parked Blue Jean Baby along Seminole Blvd, which is easy to do because of the convenient parallel parking lanes. The riverwalk welcomed many morning walkers. After I snapped some more photos I took a moment to sit on one of the bench swings and slowly rocked back and forth. The worries of work melted away. After relishing a few moments of relaxation, I had enough of the humidity and returned to the cool a/c of my beloved car. I made my final drive up 1st Street, lined with lovely restaurants, cafes, and antique shops. What a fantastic way to start off the weekend!






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