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A New Chapter in ThisFloridaLife Begins

Hello faithful Florida Lifers! As I have written on many occasions, I work in the hospitality industry. Like many industries, things change rapidly. Thus, I recently experienced an unexpected shift in my career.

IMG_5461I first learned about this change during the weekend of my first ever stand up paddleboarding experience. After an amazing morning being out on the beautiful Florida water, my stepson and I grabbed lunch at the New Smyrna Beach staple, JB’s Fish Camp. As we sat there on the back porch, overlooking the water that we had just explored, I felt sad. Over the past year I had grown accustomed to this life, ThisFloridaLife. Although work could be stressful, it was rewarding, and spending the weekends and evenings enjoying my homestate was the perfect release, writing about it the perfect outlet.

During the two hours my stepson and I spent with East Coast Paddle my worries had melted away. I was in the moment. But, once our experience was over, the worry crept back in, and I began to wonder if I’d have the means to continue my journey and adventures, enjoying ThisFloridaLife. It was a heartbreaking thought,… and as a reaction, I had to step away.

That’s how I am. When I come to the end of something, I tend to make a clean break. I’d much prefer to walk away and do so quickly. Sadly, that meant I took a break from my writing and from venturing throughout Florida to enjoy new things.

I am happy to report that although my job did in fact end, it was meant to, because I have started a new job that I just love. It challenges me, I have a bit of learning and growing to do, but it is worth it and I believe the start of a new career with a fantastic organization. Each day demands a great amount of energy and I expel a lot of emotion too. Now that summer has returned, I find myself ending almost every day out by the pool, enjoying the Florida humidity and sunsets.


The past few weekends have led to staying close to home, enjoying the pool, doing chores, and a few visits to Universal Orlando. I believe I have wanted the comforts of my familiar as I go through this transition. I still have some strides to make, but, now that scary part is over, it will be time to get back out there and enjoy ThisFloridaLife.

Cheers to the future!
Cheers to the future!

3 thoughts on “A New Chapter in ThisFloridaLife Begins”

  1. Wow, wow! Sounds quite similar and familiar to my story from this week. Tuesday will be my last day at the normal hours at the job and business that I helped create. I had to step away because it was taking over my life – and any of the free time that I had – that totally destroyed my want/time to explore and do my hobbies. Now, it’s time for me to start my own business, I’m still working for the company just on the side and totally different way, and focus on all the things that’s important… like hobbies and writing and starting my own business. 🙂 Good luck with things on your end!

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