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Cupcake Delights: the Best Cupcakes in Central Florida

This weekend was wasted, spent bedridden and resting thanks to a terrible ear infection which still plagues me at the moment. I daydreamed of being out and about in the land I love; it’s how I prefer to spend the weekend. One of the many destinations that called from afar, Cupcake Delights, is home to my favorite cupcakes in all of Central Florida. Since I could not make the visit this weekend, I can at least share this great find with my Florida Lifers.


This small, but mighty cupcake shop is a short drive outside of the Orlando metro area in Mt. Dora, FL. It is worth every minute, and the drive has been made all the easier if coming from the attractions area thanks to Toll Road 429. If you choose to take the “back way” you’ll be rewarded with rural scenery and views of farmland.

The Central Florida area offers plenty of sweet shops, it is difficult to make a bad choice. But Cupcake Delights reigns supreme in my book for one simple reason: quality. Here’s what makes Cupcake Delights simply the best:

1) Details

In my opinion, the essential characteristic of a real cupcake masterpiece is packing a whole bunch of gourmet gusto into a small, single serving dessert. To be a true crowning glory, a gourmet cupcake should have all the trappings of a specialty, full-size cake. That certainly is the case with Cupcake Delights. Each cupcake is decorated beautifully, offering a treat not only for the sweet tooth, but for the eye.

Mere frosting and sprinkles just won’t cut it for this cupcake powerhouse. Instead, you’ll find shaved coconut, crushed Nutter Butter cookies, chocolate genache, candies, and more. Each one is so beautifully, masterfully decorated – it may be challenging to take your eyes off of them.


2) Size Matters

These cupcakes are a real value. Many Orlando area cupcake shops and food trucks tend to present cupcakes that are easily finished in just a few bites. I have found Cupcake Delights to be among some of the largest servings in the Central Florida area. These beauties are nearly the size of muffins with plenty of frosting and toppings.

3) Flavor

You just can’t beat it! Because the ladies of Cupcake Delights use the highest quality ingredients, the flavors are unbeatable. The frosting alone is swoon-worthy. The cake is always moist and sumptuous. Many flavors offer another layer of delight with creamy fillings.

Their flavors do rotate with the seasons, which is another reason I love them! It is a great way to celebrate a holiday. However, they do maintain a few signature flavors such as red velvet, vanilla buttercream, and carrot cake. My personal favorite flavors are key lime, thin mint cookie, and any flavors with peanut butter like the peanut butter cream, or Nutter Butter.


Know before you go…

Since their flavors rotate and they are always trying new things, be sure to like their Facebook page so that you know what they are currently offering. It is important to visit early in the day as they can sell out! Mt. Dora is a splendid place to spend a day. The ladies of Cupcake Delights are usually able to hold your cupcakes while you shop and dine throughout the town, just be sure to swing back by to pick them up before their day is done. 

122 E 4th Ave, Mt Dora, FL 32757
(352) 383-2200



4 thoughts on “Cupcake Delights: the Best Cupcakes in Central Florida”

  1. Next time I pass through the Orlando area (which is all the time on my commute from Gainesville to my hometown, Vero Beach), I’m definitely stopping here. I adore specialty cupcakes.

    Do they have any like the one Annie makes in Bridesmaids? That’s on my Bucket List… find a purple cupcake!

    1. Boy and I thought my commute was bad, goodness gracious. I have not seen a purple cupcake there, but the ladies there are very nice, they might be able to make a batch if you call them.

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