A Change is Gonna Come

Florida Lifers I am proud to announce that I am now a contributor for Orlando Informer. I am looking forward to sharing my love for Orlando’s theme parks with this extraordinary site. This means you will see a slight change in the content I post on my beloved ThisFloridaLife.

Primarily, if I am writing about Orlando’s theme parks I will write for Orlando Informer and then share it here. My goal to explore more of my beloved Florida remains strong, and so the bulk of my writing will still be exclusive to ThisFloridaLife. Anything I write about outside of Orlando’s theme parks will be posted here.

I hope you will share in my excitement as I partner with a well-known, dynamic community of Orlando writers at Orlando Informer. It is very exciting to write for such a widely visited and impressive site. I look forward to continuing my exploration of my homestate and sharing my love for all things Florida with you, my Florida Lifers.

And now I would love it if you would hop on over to Orlando Informer and read my very first contribution:

Boating around Walt Disney World: Setting Sail on the Seven Seas Lagoon and Beyond


4 thoughts on “A Change is Gonna Come”

  1. Thank you so much! It is nice to take it to the next level and is also an inspiration of what I would like ThisFloridaLife to maybe become some day down the road. Thanks for the well wishes!

  2. Congrats!! Heading over to read your first article now!! Oh how you make me miss and dream about Florida! 77 days until I once agin get to visit the sunshine state! 🙂

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