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Just Keep Growing – Central Florida Zoo Expansion

I wonder sometimes, what differentiates those that excel in life and those that do not.  Obviously, there is not one stand-alone characteristic.  But, I think one is the desire to never settle, the desire to grow.  The Central Florida Zoo, located in Sanford, Florida, very easily could settle.  They could accept that Disney’s Animal Kingdom will always rake in more visitors.  They could easily wallow in jealousy and in self defeat.  Instead, they decide to grow their own way.

Central Florida Zoo Water Area

I was raised by exploring the wonders of Central Florida, and I continue to love exploring my hometown.  There are so many “things to do” in Central Florida.  I remember many visits to the Central Florida Zoo during my childhood.  Sadly, I have not been in a while and the news that this Seminole County attraction is looking to expand, has made me want to go back.  The wonderful folks at this original Florida attraction know that the big dogs at Walt Disney World are in a league of their own.  But, that doesn’t stop them.  If you want to experience natural Florida and get closer to splendid animals in a low-key, budget friendly Orlando attraction then I suggest you consider a visit to the Central Florida Zoo.

Here is an article about the potential expansion plans.  I am crossing my fingers that these plans come to fruition.

Green-winged Macaw (also known as the Red-and-...


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