Press Release from Legoland: Ticket Prices

As someone who grew up here in Orlando, Legoland has a special place in my heart because it sits on the grounds of Cypress Gardens.  I visited Cypress Gardens many times while growing up.  I have only been to Legoland once, and it was just a few weeks ago.  I am on my lunch hour as I type this, so I cannot share all of my thoughts on Legoland.  To put it simply, the park is gorgeous, they kept much of the infrastructure of Cypress Gardens.  It is not slammed packed (or at least it was not when I visited), so it is not as stressful as the big three in Orlando (Walt Disney World, Sea World, and Universal).  However, the food and beverage options leave a lot to be desired and the quality of the rides is not on the same level of the big three.

So while I might be tempted to sing their praises for Legoland not raising their prices, I have to think well….. I sure hope they wouldn’t.  It is a great park, certainly a fantastic alternative for families with kids age 9 and under.  But I would not put it in the same league as the big three.  It is worth a visit though if you are resident, a visitor who is here for a week or more, have young kids, and be sure to take some time to search for special offers online.

Legoland Ticket Prices Press Release – click here.



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