Florida Life, Small towns in Florida

This is one of the many, many reasons I love my Florida!

Red Road Diaries

Think Florida and Disney World or the beaches of Tampa and Miami may come to mind. But do you think of Mermaids? Live ones, swimming underwater for your entertainment pleasure? Florida has more than 160 state parks. Many are in spectacular settings and worth a visit particularly if you are in an RV or camping.  Three of these parks, all fairly close to each other  on the west coast, about an hour north of Tampa, used to be popular tourist attractions that the state took over in order to protect their natural beauty. All are also centered around three of Florida’s natural springs and rivers. Why fight the crowds at Florida’s big attractions when there is so much else available off the beaten path?

Weeki Wachee  in Brooksville, Florida has the mermaids. They have been putting on shows since 1947 when some entrepreneur cleared the refrigerators and other trash out…

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