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The top 6 posts from ThisFloridaLife

In two weeks we will celebrate six years since my very first post on ThisFloridaLife. On 7/7/2012 I hit 'publish' on my little blog. What started as a fun way to do something I love: write, has become a way for me to connect with others and share the joys of life, and specifically the… Continue reading The top 6 posts from ThisFloridaLife

Florida Life

Our new obsession: Tiki bar project

For Father's Day, I unleashed a monster. Without realizing it, I've started us on a nautical journey, centered around our home. I've gave my husband a copy of Brandon Keyla's new book The Field Guide to Tiki Decorating, and our new obsession is born. With our pretty impressive collection of tiki mugs, both from the… Continue reading Our new obsession: Tiki bar project


Goodbye, Downtown Orlando

Downtown Orlando, with its energy, character, and frustrating design, is an interesting place in which to work. The dining options are nearly endless, there's plenty of paths to take for a refreshing lunch time walk, there's perhaps even a certain prestige that comes from saying "I work in downtown Orlando." But it is not without… Continue reading Goodbye, Downtown Orlando