Central Florida Suburbs

Wekiva Island – Paradise Found

Two years ago, I came across an advertisement for Wekiva Island. Ever since, my curiosity begged me to experience this local literal watering hole. Today, on a whim, I finally discovered this paradise. Wekiva Island is located in the Wekiva Springs, FL area, Northwest of Orlando. Many, many years ago it was the site of… Continue reading Wekiva Island – Paradise Found


Dripping with Artistry: Orlando’s Newest Live Show “DRIP”

We knew it would be different. We knew it would be artistic. Admittedly, we were a little anxious. Husband and I sometimes have a difficult time straying from our norm. After spending the evening at "DRIP", I am so glad we opened our minds and ventured out to experience something new. Pure and simple, DRIP… Continue reading Dripping with Artistry: Orlando’s Newest Live Show “DRIP”


The Best Time of Year to Visit Orlando and Florida

It's the most wonderful time of the year... ok well, almost. The kids are back in school and most of the professional world is back in full swing. As a result, hotel parking lots show more vacant spaces, the highways are starting to become slightly less cluttered, and the theme parks are starting to regain… Continue reading The Best Time of Year to Visit Orlando and Florida


A Brief Evening in Splitsville

Every six months the latest round of professional interns for Walt Disney World bids their farewell. Some find a gig with Disney, others do not and sadly head back home. During this time of year it is common to see groups of cast members get together after work to send off the latest group with… Continue reading A Brief Evening in Splitsville

Florida Life

Just DO it: how to Do florida

As ThisFloridaLife first came to life, I began to hunt for all things Florida. ¬†One of my most treasured finds is the TV series "how to Do florida". I kick myself for not having found it sooner. I have been watching "how to Do florida" for 6 months now and it is high time that… Continue reading Just DO it: how to Do florida