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A Matter of Perspective

  Faithful followers and friendly folks who are just browsing thisfloridalife, lend me your opinions.  I crave your input. Last night my husband and I popped into Universal Studios.  We had a great evening as the excitement of being new passholders has not yet worn off.  After enjoying the Cinematic Spectacular, and a spin on… Continue reading A Matter of Perspective


One Orlando Sentinel Article – three stories

  I remember sitting in my first Tourism class at UCF.  I was an English major and I decided to take the class as one of my electives.  The fireworks went off and I changed my major.  Back then the Rosen College of Hospitality Management was a collection of classes at the main University of… Continue reading One Orlando Sentinel Article – three stories

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Tales of a Farmers’ Market Virgin

I have never been one to jump onto a social trend just for the sake of being a part of the in crowd.  One of the trends that I do think is worth taking part in is the "farm to table" movement.  Sadly, I have taken my time in enjoying the fruits of this trend.… Continue reading Tales of a Farmers’ Market Virgin


An Unexpected Adventure

We stepped out of the tropical atmosphere of Margaritaville Cafe Orlando and into the Florida heat.  To be truthful, the two rounds of margaritas were working their magic.  We breathed in deep and surveyed the excitement of City Walk.  "Wanna go to Islands of Adventure and buy an annual pass?", he asked.  I called my… Continue reading An Unexpected Adventure

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A Very Happy Hour at Margaritaville

Disclaimer: This post was written in 2012. Sadly the Lone Palm Airport bar no longer offers Happy Hour. But it's still one of my favorite places in Orlando and this post is a snapshot of the day my husband and I became Universal Orlando Annual Passholders because we enjoyed ourselves too much at Lone Palm.… Continue reading A Very Happy Hour at Margaritaville


Stay in Your Zone – Orlando Districts

Orlando is not like other US tourism destinations.  It's spread out.  Oodles of time and energy will be wasted if your hotel is not in the area of the attractions that interest you most. Hotels in Orlando are as varied as the cereal aisle in your local grocery store.  With the hope of helping you… Continue reading Stay in Your Zone – Orlando Districts

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Just Keep Growing – Central Florida Zoo Expansion

I wonder sometimes, what differentiates those that excel in life and those that do not.  Obviously, there is not one stand-alone characteristic.  But, I think one is the desire to never settle, the desire to grow.  The Central Florida Zoo, located in Sanford, Florida, very easily could settle.  They could accept that Disney's Animal Kingdom… Continue reading Just Keep Growing – Central Florida Zoo Expansion

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Remorse for the Rain – Orlando in the rain

  The Sunshine State is not holding true to its namesake today.  It seems this week will be a soggy one.  What can I say?  Florida is a peninsula after all, we get a fair share of tropical weather.  While my friends and colleagues often moan and groan at the sight of grey skies and… Continue reading Remorse for the Rain – Orlando in the rain

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Sanford Saturday Night

Another Saturday night, another debate.  Yet again, the desire to go dancing at Universal Citywalk enticed me.  My husband, however, had to work the next morning and preferred a more low-key evening.  And so, we ventured to Sanford, Florida. Certainly, there are parts of Sanford that I would not send my worst enemy to, but… Continue reading Sanford Saturday Night


Flying Solo and Finding Wonderland

I have a confession to make.... Disney's Hollywood Studios is my least favorite Walt Disney World park.  I’m just not a “theme parks based on movies and TV shows” type gal.  However, the treat to experience a live musical presented by Encore is something I could not pass up.  This musical is not an attraction… Continue reading Flying Solo and Finding Wonderland